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This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

ZWoom – WooCommerce Product Image Zoom


ZWoom – WooCommerce Product Image Zoom helps your WooCommerce store visitors seamlessly zoom in to a single product image. Zwoom supports only simple products for now.

The Problem

Many store visitors are interested in zooming into a product image, to notice the finer details. WooCommerce handles this by displaying a zoomed version of the product image in a fancybox/lightbox, each time a product image or thumbnail is clicked. While this solves the purpose, it is cumbersome for visitors because they have to toggle between the fancybox and the product page to infer details about the product such as price, features, shipping details, etc.

Some WooCommerce websites address this issue partially by displaying a secondary zoomed image box when a visitor hovers over a product image.

We also noticed that some plugins/sites have addressed the issue partially, in the form of creating a secondary image zoom box when you hover over the product image. But the issue with this approach is that the zoomed image box overlaps important product details, or the “Add to Cart” functionality.

So, at WisdmLabs, we decided to address all these issues which culminated into this awesome plugin!

How Zwoom solves the problem?

Zwoom displays the zoomed version of the image in its own image box on hover, thus eliminating any overlay issues. It also adds a slider for secondary product images, instead of the multiple rows of images which appear by default. If any of these secondary images are clicked, we load the image in primary image box, rather than directly opening the fancybox (which is the default functionality).

When an image in the primary image box is clicked, the fancybox pop-up is shown to visitors, allowing them to browse all product images.

How to set the Zoom Level?

Upon installing and activating the plugin, you will be able to see an additional option in the WooCommerce Catalog Page within WooCommerce settings. The new option will allow you to set the ‘Zoom Level’ and is present just below the set width and height options for a Single Product Image.

Please note, the current version of Zwoom is compatible only with WooCommerce 2.4 and above.

To see this plugin in action, please visit the live demo here:


  • ZWoom settings page


How to install ‘ZWoom

Method 1 -Installing from the WordPress:

  1. From Dashboard, locate the ‘Plugins’ tab. Select ‘Add New’ under this tab.
  2. Search for the term Zwoom – Woocommerce Product Image Zoom
  3. Select for the Zwoom – Woocommerce Product Image Zoom on the Results page and click ‘Install Now’ button under it.
  4. After the installation completes, click ‘Activate Plugin’.

Method 2- Installing Manually :

  1. Download the ‘zwoom-woocommerce-product-image-zoom-extension-by-wisdmlabs.zip’file.
  2. After downloading, go to your WordPress dashboard.
  3. From the Dashboard, locate ‘Plugins’. Select ‘Add New’ under Plugin tab.
  4. On that page, click on the ‘Upload’ Tab.
  5. It would open a new window. On that window, click ‘Browse’ button and locate ‘zwoom-woocommerce-product-image-zoom-extension-by-wisdmlabs.zip’. After locating the file, select it and click ‘Open’ button and then press ‘Install now’.
  6. It might ask you for the FTP details before uploading. Kindly, fill those fields and install the plugin.
  7. After the installation completes, click ‘Activate Plugin’.

To set a zoom level, go to Woocommerce Settings -> Catalog. On that page, there will be an option named ‘Zoom Level’ just below the option which allows you to set width and height for Single Product Image.

How can I give my feedback about this plugin?

If you like our plugin and it does help your visitors, please click on the Donate button and donate as per your desire. If you have any suggestions or queries, please feel free to write us from the “form” available in the settings page.

WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin, Magnify Zoom on Hover & Click

3 in1 image zoom options for product images – zoom in a magnifier on hover, display in a lightbox on click, or add a 360° rotating image. WooCommerce Image Zoom plugin magnifies images on products, categories and all other store pages. Customize the tools to ensure a clear product view for your end users. A clearer product picture yields higher return and conversions. WooCommerce product zoom plugin is optimized properly for desktop, mobile, and other handheld devices.

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugin is now compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin).

3 in 1 WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin

With WooCommerce product zoom plugin, you can have 3 image zoom options for your product images. The zoom option will be applied to all the products. However, you can add exceptions to ignore some products / categories. WooCommerce image zoom plugin enables the following image zoom options,

  1. Magnifier (Zoom on Hover)
  2. Lightbox (Zoom on Click)
  3. 360° Image

Magnifier Options for Products Images

WooCommerce Product Image Zoom plugin comes with numerous customization options of the magnifier tools. It helps you modify image preview with attractive magnifier types and sizing of the box.

Select a Magnifier Type

WooCommerce zoom magnifier plugin enables you to choose among the various magnifier types for zooming product images. The available types are basic, tint, zoom inside image, zoom outside image, lens zoom, fade, easing, mouse wheel zoom, and image constraint.

Configure Zoom Box Size – Width and Height

A recommended Zoom box size is configured by default, but you can still customize it to your preferences. Enter the width and height of the box in the available fields.

Additional customization Options for Magnifier Tool

  • Select color and opacity for tiny magnifier type
  • Configure the position for magnifier either on the right, bottom, or bottom right
  • Configure Lens size for the lens zoom magnifier

Lightbox Options for Product Images

With WooCommerce zoom magnifier extensions, you can select a lightbox tool that allows users to quickly preview products in full-size images. Let the users click and view product images in large size right on the landing pages. You can choose it once and it will be applicable to all the catalog items in your store.

360° Options for Product Images

You can select Rotate 360° tool to help your users review the products from every possible angle. It provides a panoramic view of a product so that the users don’t have to waste time in viewing multiple images. It requires you to add 360° product photography.

Set alternative tool for Rotate 360°

Select an alternative tool so that a magnifier or lightbox appears when 360° images of a specific product are not available. The panoramic view is only active when you provide the required product photography with different angles.

Compatible with WPML

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugin is now compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin).

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