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Zoom magnifier for Woocommerce


  • Our plugin is compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce

Before a customer buys a product, he/she wants to be sure of its quality and design. Especially, when buying simple, non-electronic category products or those products that sell themselves by the virtue of their unique designs or style, your customer strongly desires to zoom and see the product before buying it.
Zoom Magnifier Plugin lets your customers zoom and view a product, thus satisfying their need of closely looking at a product and observing its details, before buying it. With this plugin, you could set to zoom the product either inside the zoom box or on a separate zoombox placed on the right.

Free Features:

  • Option to Enable/Disable Zoom Magnifier Plugin.
  • Option to Activate Plugin on Mobile .
  • Option to Set Zoom Box Width and Height.
  • Option to Set Zoom Box Position (Inside or Right).

Take a look at how to set up Zoom Maginifier on your produtcs

Premium Features:

  • Option to deselect ‘zoom magnifier’ for individual products
  • Option to deselect ‘zoom magnifier’ for particular product categories
  • Option to activate ‘zoom magnifier’ on smartphone
  • Option to Set the width and height of ‘Zoom Box’
  • Option to Set Position (Inside or Right) of Zoom Box, as per your choice

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