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WooCommerce Checkout Terms Conditions Popup save the time and attention of user who don’t want to go any where for reading terms and conditions.
In this plugin user can customize the popup size, change the title (heading), they can make the agreed button as they want.
There are lot’s of option in admin panel. where user can configure plugin appearance

Following is a non comprehensive list of features:

  • Enable/disable the plugin from option panel.
  • Enable plugin settings for administrators.
  • Enable/disable plugin functions disabling the entire plugin.
  • Admin can change the Terms and conditions text given before the page link.
  • Admin can change the Link text of terms and conditions link.
  • Admin can add a Agree button in popup where, when user click on the agree button terms and conditions checkbox will checked automatically.
  • Admin can configure the Agree button as per store theme appearance.
  • Admin can change the title of popup window, default Terms and conditions title will come in the popup title.
  • Admin can configure the agree button in many aspect like they can choose the button text color, Button background color, button width, button height, button border size, button border color, button border radius and many more.
  • It’s a fully free plugin so you can use this plugin in commercial or non commercial.
  • Terms and conditions popup is fully responsive even website is non responsive.
    We are adding new features as you are reading. So If your required feature is currently not available in this plugin, feel free to put up a request in the support forum for this plugin or revisit the page after a few weeks.
  • Admin can configure the popup width and height as per requirement.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable page scrolling option when popup is open.


  • WooCommerce 3.0+
  • WordPress 4.2+
  • The theme should be WooCommerce standards compliant.
  • Multilingual Support is included with the plugin and is fully compatible with WPML.


This plugin is highly configurable, with options to customize almost every feature you may think of. if you have any suggestion regarding the plugin improvement then feel free contact to our website http://www.dualcube.com.

All we want is love. We are extremely responsive about support requests – so if you face a problem or find any bugs, shoot us a mail or post it in the support forum, and we will respond within 24 hours(during business days). If you get the impulse to rate the plugin low because it is not working as it should, please do wait for our response because the root cause of the problem may be something else.

It is extremely disheartening when trigger happy users downrate a plugin for no fault of the plugin.


  • Admin setting panel 1
  • Admin setting panel 2
  • Frontend screenshot 1
  • Frontend pop up 1
  • Frontend pop up 2
  • Frontend popup 3


  1. Upload the WooCommerce Checkout Terms Conditions Popup folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory OR search for “WooCommerce Checkout Terms Conditions Popup” from your WordPress admin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a terms and conditions page, if you haven’t any terms and conditions page.
  4. Now go to the WooCommerce->Settings->Checkout section and choose Terms and Conditions page from the dropdown.
  5. Configure the plugin settings through the “WooCommerce->settings->WooCommerce Checkout Terms Conditions Popup” tab on your WordPress admin panel.
  6. Now click on the settings link and configure the plugin as per your requirement.

This plugin is created for WooCommerce, so you must have to WooCommerce is installed in your WordPress website. If your WordPress website haven’t WooCommerce installed then first install WooCommerce plugin. Please follow the link of WooCommerce plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/. If you are new in WordPress and don’t know to how to install a WordPress plugin then follow the link https://codex.wordpress.org/Managing_Plugins.
You can find how to install WordPress plugin. For this plugin install you can also follow the same link.
WooCommerce Checkout Terms Conditions Popup maintain the standardization of woo themes. There are we are working on the slandered hooks and filter for the given functionality.

Ans : Yes, it is fully free plugin.

Q2 : Is this compatible with latest WordPress WooCommerce installation ?

Ans : Yes, it is fully compatible with latest WordPress and latest WooCommerce.

Q3 What we require for install this plugin ?

Ans : You, have to require the WooCommerce >= 2.0.

Zip Code Checker


Version 1.3 • December 18, 2014

Version 1.2 • December 15, 2014

Version 1.1 • October 13, 2014

Version 1.0 • August 28, 2014

  • Add,edit,delete: Add,edit,delete, search zip codes and the status for delivery, COD along with custom message from admin panel
  • Bulk Import: Bulk import zip codes via CSV file
  • Widget: Add the widget to any location on your website for the user to search for Zip Codes
  • Short code: Add the Short code to any page/post or widget


Options available

  • Check if delivery is possible in a particular zip/pin code
  • Check if Cash on delivery(COD) is possible in particular zip/pin code
  • Custom message can be set along with with the result. e.g Products ships in 2 business days
  • Zip code information needs to be upload by admin, can be done via WordPress admin panel or Bulk import via CSV file, CSV sample format file attached

WooCommerce Do you Deliver?

WooCommerce Do you deliver?

Ever wondered how to get more friendly with your store visitors and soon turn them into a customer? Simply tell them you are servicing their location! It’s that simple.

With this piece of magic code, show a friendly box on product, cart or any other page of your site where the visitors can enter their Zip/Pin Code and see if you are delivering in their location. You can also give them an estimated date of delivery which is completely in your control. Amazingly, you can also show them an optional note associated with a Zip/Pin code. Your potential customers would love this! And do you know what’s great? This plugin takes only 2-3 minutes to setup. It is very light, simple to configure and keeps your store bug-free with a clean code.

How it works

  • Bulk Upload Zip/Pin Codes
  • Show No. of days to deliver and an optional note
  • Use Wildcard characters for Zip/Pin codes
  • Realtime checking of supported Shipping Zip/Pin code on checkout page
  • Disables Submit Order button on Checkout page if Shipping Zip/Pin code not supported
  • Add/Edit Zip/Pin code on plugin settings page
  • Show widget on Product Page, Cart Page or using a shortcode [doyoudeliver] anywhere on your website

Feel free to ask us for the Zip/Pin codes of your logistics carrier. Simply send an email to [email protected] with the carrier name and your country.

See the Live Demo

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