woocommerce zapier integration

How can we improve WooCommerce?

This is an idea for a major next step in the platform. Extend Woocommerce by leveraging the Zapier platform to integrate with 3rd party services.

Zapier allows 3rd party services to integrate with each other through their platform. https://zapier.com/zapbook/

In its simplest, Zapier allows a drag and drop integration of services, using a "If X Event happens, Do Y Action" model between services.

What is unique or awesome about this?

If Woocommerce is integrated with Zapier, then potentially we can swap services and add cool integrations ourselves.

Twilio (awesome SMS and Voice platform) does not support my home country, Ghana. A Twilio extension for SMS & Voice notifications will therefore be an AWESOME Woocommerce plugin of no value to me.

However with Zapier integration I could swap Twilio for another Zapier service supporting Ghana, another person uses one supporting his/her country or service needs.

So Woocommerce would make a GENERIC trigger such as, ORDER PROCESSED and any service can then hook in.

So Gmail, your own phone, Twitter, Helpdesks (Desk.com, Zendesk, GetSatisfaction, HelpScout), Google Calendar, Microsoft SQL Server can all act on this.

The myriad services supported means the time and effort spent by devs could solve a myriad of needs, some mass market, some niche, some simply crazy!!

The Woo Community or the Devs could vote on what ACTIONS to support as triggers for other services to hook into.

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