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Add to Cart feature is not working | Your cart is currently empty

Please help my website’s Add to Cart feature is not working properly. Shopping Cart is showing “Your cart is currently empty” even after clicking on “Add to Cart” button.

The same is working fine while I’m logged in to the admin panel.

Woocomerce System Status Report

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

The add to cart function on your site isn’t working for me either. Looking over your status, I see that you are using both an outdated WordPress and an outdated WooCommerce. I suggest starting with updating both of them.

Automattic Happiness Engineer

Cross testing for you on my test installs using the latest version of WooCommerce and the free Storefront theme the add to cart functionlaity is working as expected.

This indicates that something on your site other than our WooCommerce plugin is having a negative effect and causing this behavior which you are experiencing possibly like @sweigold indicated due to the outdated plugins or a theme which like in your case is overriding a lot of the WooCommerce plugins template files from the theme itself.

Update all of your products and if the behavior persists disable all plugins aside from WooCommerce and change to a theme like Twenty Seventeen or Storefront to test for software conflicts.

Thanks guys for the help, will do the suggested things and update here shortly.

Automattic Happiness Engineer

We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

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Woocommerce Empty Cart


This is Woocommerce Empty Cart extension which helps to make cart empty.

  • WooCommerce Backend Settings "General" page.
  • This is Front-End Empty Cart Page. By Clicking on that you can clean your cart.


1.Download the Netaxept Payment Gateway plugin zip file and extract to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
2.Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Admin.

Preguntas frecuentes

1.Download the Netaxept Payment Gateway plugin zip file and extract to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
2.Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Admin.

Is it woo commerce supported?

Yes. It is a woo commerce plugin.

Do I need to install woocommerce plugin?

Yes, you should install woocommerce plugin first.

[Resolved] Checkout error message “Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty”

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This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: I use WooCommerce and WPML. The client does checkout. I receive the order but the client gets this message "Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty. on cart page".

Solution: This is a bug in the specific case of the language URL format: * Different languages in directories * Use directory for default language => enabled

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Assigned support staff: Dat Hoang.

I receive the order but the client gets this message "Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty. on cart page".
I have already read the thread at
https://wpml.org/forums/topic/checkout-is-not-working-when-wpml-media-plugin-is-active/ but it doesn’t solve my problem.
The problem started to appear a week ago. So in order to debug the issue,
I have set up a prior version of the website on a staging server and called it boutique9.
I then started to update each plugin one by one and testing the by placing orders.
The problem started to appear when I upgraded WPML Multilingual CMS from version 3.6.2 to 3.6.3
If I go back to version 3.6.2, the problem disappears. Can you please look into it?
The testing website where you can reproduce the problem is hidden link

I was able to solve the problem on the live boutique at hidden link by downgrading WPML Multilingual CMS down to version 3.6.2.

Can you please take some screenshots and describe the steps to replicate the issue?

I’ve just checked your site and there is no issue. See my attachments.

Hi Dat,
the issue presents itself when you click on the button place order. In order to test I have activated the cash on delivery payment method so there is no credit card involved.

Thanks for more details.

I am trying to replicate the issue. However, I can not see the option "Cash on Delivery". See my attachment.

What should I do to have it, the press the button "Place Order"?

Good to know you’ve tracked it down to the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin. Error started happening on my website after updating to 3.6.3 as well.

as I said you can reproduce the problem on the testing website hidden link
The option "Cash On Delivery" is there. To reproduce the issue, you have to click on the button "Place an order".

@martinb-55: Thanks for your info. Please keep following up your own ticket. I’m subscribing it as well.

I was wrong when testing on another site.

Unluckily, I can not proceed the checkout on hidden link because I can not find any valid postcode. Can you please provide me one?

If you disable all non-related WPML plugins – keep WooCommerce active, switch to one of default themes, the problem persists or not?
+ Make a backup (both files and database) for your site before updating/proceeding anything (Always a good practice!).

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