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Product XML Feeds for WooCommerce plugin lets you add WooCommerce product XML feeds. Feeds are automatically regenerated using crons.

You can set custom XML templates for the feed. Feeds are created using plugin’s shortcodes. Different templates can be set for:

In addition you can set custom XML file path and name.

To include only certain products in feed, you can use these options:

  • Products to include/exclude.
  • Product categories to include/exclude.
  • Product tags to include/exclude.
  • Variable products: Variable products only; Variation products only; Both variable and variation products.
  • Products scope: All products; Only products that are on sale; Only products that are not on sale; Only products that are featured; Only products that are not featured.
  • Stock status: In stock products; Out of stock products; On backorder products (Pro version only).
  • Min and max product prices (Pro version only).

You can also choose the update (i.e. regeneration) period (weekly by default): Every minute; Hourly; Twice daily; Daily; Weekly (Pro version only).

Product XML Feeds for WooCommerce Pro version allows you to create unlimited number of feeds with individual settings for each.


ExportFeed for WooCommerce & WP-ECommerce (Getshopped) creates and exports product feed output required by each merchant (over 40 and still increasing) with any product category and all product details including variations for native import.

With this product feed solution, you save time while creating product feed and escape the technical hassles of products listings. You can even automate product feed management and optimize product listings on merchants for increased sales. How?

  1. Create product feed for individual WooCommerce category or select individual products using an intuitive user interface and get support through live-chat on our site when you need it.
  2. Add over 40+ Sales Channels to increase your WooCommerce sales revenue – Connect with Comparison Shopping Engines, Affiliate platforms and 40+ other Marketplaces.
  3. Schedule a time to automatically update your product feeds and keep listing accurate on the connected marketplaces.
  4. Set a time to request merchants fetch the updated feed to change product listings. (Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook and Miinto & Miinto Brands).
  5. Include product variations in feeds with their own stock levels or exclude variations completely.
  6. Implement best selling practice for each merchant by optimizing product attributes.
  7. Use feed customization options & advanced commands to optimize product feeds.
  8. Map local product categories to merchant categories for perfect product placement on merchants.
  9. Remove the chances of feed specifications errors and exactly match merchants’ feed requirements.
  10. We’ll create your 1st product feed for free and offer support through live chat, support tickets and emails.

This is your one-stop solution to create, export and sync product feeds for all the high performing marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and even affiliate platforms.

It incorporates and facilitates you with the product feed templates for Google Shopping , Amazon Seller, eBay, Etsy, Shopzilla, NexTag for variable & non-variable products so you can export WooCommerce products easily.

—- WooCommerce Variations are FULLY Supported! —-

The created feeds are available for export (timed and on-demand) for these merchant providers – and ALWAYS up to date. The feeds pull from your current product catalogues as you update them – so your merchants are in sync through your feeds and [never out of date].

  • Google Merchant & Google Trusted Store & Google Adwords
  • Amazon Seller, Amazon Product Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • eBay Merchant
  • Etsy Marketplace
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • Bonanza
  • Pricefalls
  • PriceGrabber
  • NextTag
  • Beslist
  • AmmoSeek
  • Slickguns
  • Become
  • GraziaShop
  • Houzz
  • Kelkoo
  • Newegg
  • Pronto
  • Rakuten & Rakuten UK
  • Shopping.com
  • ShopZilla
  • Shareasale
  • Webgains
  • Winesearcher
  • Atterley
  • Miinto Marketpalces, Miinto Brands(DE, SE, NL, NO, BE, PL)
  • Avantlink
  • TradeTracker
  • Zomato
  • Trade Me
  • & more as you request.

Free Version — Includes all functionality – 100 SKUs per each feed

Free 7-Day Trial of the Pro Version — 7 day highly scalable to multiple Feeds & Merchants. Self-assessment – Please review the qualification questions and the online instructions.

Just Do It! — PRO Version – HIGHLY SCALABLE FOR FEEDS & MERCHANTS. Please fill out the qualification questions to help us help you.

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ExportFeed tops the performance of other feed operations scripts as with it you can create your custom product feeds. Selecting products by using filters like…

…is possible only by using ExportFeed. Also, feed configuration is really intuitive with the easy user interface. Just a few clicks and you can map your custom attributes and default merchant attributes.

Why start using ExportFeed with WooCommerce today?

  • ExportFeed tops the performance of other feed management tools – you can create custom product feeds matching the product feed specifications and get timely support.
  • Select products by using filters for SKU, Brand, Category, Keyword and Price are possible only when using ExportFeed.
  • Feed configuration and creation is really intuitive with the easy user interface and we provide free personalized demo too if you need.
  • With just few clicks and you can map your custom attributes and default merchant attributes and even add UTM parameters
  • You can set rules to change the pricing in the product feeds also which helps in better conversions through your sales channels.
  • All professional versions come with live chats support, email support, phone support and some of our programs offer full installation, configuration and management offerings.

Need a Plugin for Etsy, Amazon, Ebay & Google ?

Here are more plugins that helps your business to be more efficient and diverse throughout the global networks. These plugins are developed to meet the needs boost sales on the specific marketplaces.

“The plugin enabled us to very quickly get our products listed in the Google Merchant stores system, no fuss. We took advantage of their ‘Full Monty’ program to get things done even quicker! With over a decade in our market – and very high-end products – we do not tolerate any outages, missing products or data that is wrong…”
Kevin P. – Webmaster – http://www.electriccyclery.com


  • Select ‘Product Feed’ from the Admin Menu
  • Select Export Type – More formats coming too!
  • Provide the filters according to your preferences and search product
  • Custom Feed – Choose the filtered products, move to right, give the title for feed and click on ‘Get Feed’
  • Feed By Category – Choose merchant’s category, local category, specify the feed title and click on ‘Get Feed’ to generate the feed
  • Manage your feed with feed configuration


A few quick steps

1) Just download it through this page and upload it to your plugins folder or from your WordPress backend, click on Add New plugin like you would normally add any other plugins.
2) Select the merchant for which you want to create your WooCommerce product feed.
3) Now, select the product category that you want to include in the product feed.
4) If you want to apply filters on the products that you want to export from your WooCommerce, you can apply them now.
5) Enter any of the Advanced Commands to set rules for your feed creation, export and update processes.
6) Now click on the Get Feed button and upload the feed as per the merchant’s process.
Note: You can contact our support at www.exportfeed.com to request for the trial version license key.

Click -View Feed–

This will now redirect to the feed URL you just created – ready for submission!


WooCommerce Product Feed for Google, Facebook, eBay and Many More


WooCommerce Product Feed (Woo Feed) generate product feed or data feed to Sync your products with your merchant center like Google Shopping,Facebook Product Ads,Bing Ads, eBay, Amazon etc. The main target of this plugin is to generate product feed, automatically update product information into feed file according to given schedule and sync your product to different shopping engines via HTTP or FTP so that real buyer can get your product into shopping engines like Google Shopping, pricegrabber, pricerunner, nextag,ebay and many more.

Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+

Free version support unlimited feed with up to 2000 products including variations.

Premium Version have some additional awesome features which are not included into free version

Premium version also support WooCommerce Composite and Bundle Products


A product feed is a .TXT, CSV, EXCEL or XML file which contain a list of products and their attributes (id, title, description, price, image, link and other attributes) in an organized way so that each product can be displayed into search engines, compared uniquely and can be advertised.


You need product feed if you are a merchant with an ecommerce store and want to get you product into search engine or price comparison website or into affiliate network. Product feed supply your product information to those online marketing channel so that buyer can easily find your products.


A shopping engine or comparison shopping engine is a type of website where shopper can search products based on price, feature and other criteria and compare. Most popular Comparison Shopping Engines are Google Shopping, Pricegrabber, Pricewatch, Shopzilla, Nextag, eBay Commerce Network.

Read Documentation and FAQ

For Support Email to [email protected] or Click on Live Chat into our Website


In one word WooCommerce Product Feed is a revolution. Yah, it’s a revolution of woocommerce tech because there are no any modules or extensions that generate automatic or manual feeds those can be synchronized flexibility to shopping places that can be maintained by the people having not much technical knowledge of wordpress coding. Among the thousands reasons of choosing this wordpress plugin we are mentioning a few of them below.

Google Merchant Feed Upload


If you like Free Version, you’ll love the Pro Version

WooCommerce Product Feed Pro gives you everything you’ll find in free and some awesome functionalities:


Smart Filters help you to exclude the non-profitable or out of season products you don’t want to share. Also Its high filtering options help users to filter products according to product titles, price, availability of stocks, user rating and other extensive product specifications.

CATEGORY MAPPING (To Reach Your Buyer)

Categories are the most important key to get products into search result. It is best practice to assign most matching shopping engine category to your store category for each product. During the creating of your feeds you can also create a category for that particular product. And after creating the category you’ll get an option to map it to your market place category so that you can make two categories aligned to each other. This process is totally dynamic by our plugin & you can map all of your categories to make it more relevant & reachable to buyers.


The Dynamic Attribute combine the powerful features of the WooCommerce Product Feed Pro with the ability to set your own conditions for any types of attribute.There are different types of Woocommerce users have different types & classes of products and services. So, they may need varieties of custom values to demonstrate their products. And we are giving the options to make dynamic attributes as your need. Also it is possible to generate the data feed file according to the search engines requirements without changing the attributes in your store.


User can easily use any custom taxonomy or others woocommerce plugin or extensions taxonomy value into feed. For Example product Brand, Model No size etc. So you can easily use those value into your feed.


Due to PHP execution time and memory limit its not possible to process Thousands of products at a time. We have developed our plugin with the functionality to make feed with batches. User can easily set Limit and Offset to make feed. This functionality is compatible with any type of server your wordpress is installed and any amount of products you have into your site.


It is possible to use any wp_options values into feed. Most of the plugins used to save data as option. So using premium version of our plugin user can use any other plugin data to make feed.


WooCommerce Product Feed Pro is compatible with WPML WooCommerce plugin. And by supporting WPML this makes it possible for the e-commerce owners to create product feed in different languages. This enables the e-commerce owners the chance to globalize their business in minutes because you always have better chance of selling something if you are selling it in the native language.


The first impression becomes the last impression! This is why your title of the product can build interest of the buyer to hit your product. In the e-commerce business, product title attracts customer to get on the link if they are satisfied with the search result. Extended Product Title feature allows the user to extend the title of a product by adding different attributes to it. Extended Product Title is a great way to differentiate the products according to their variations. Such as Size, Color, Custom Text, etc

Support Multi-Vendor Plugins

WooCommerce Product Feed Pro supports multi-vendor product feed generation. You can choose between multiple or single vendors while generating feeds or for all vendors. The multi-vendor platform is a great way to expand your e-commerce site, and our plugin gives you the freedom to control the vendors associated with your website. This plugin supports the most popular multi-vendor plugins WC Vendors, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace and YITH Woocommerce Multi-Vendor.


  • Supports automatic feed generation at a scheduled time.
  • Supports feed sending to a remote FTP server.
  • Supports Woocommerce composite product and Woocommerce bundle products.
  • Flexibility to remove ‘out of stock’ products.
  • Option to select either product variations or the parent product of the variations.
  • Option to select minimum or maximum variation price for the variable product.
  • Option to select first or minimum or maximum or the sum of the variation quantity for the variable product.
  • Option to generate feed by product type.
  • Option to make feed for specific categories.
  • Lots of advanced commands to modify product information for feed.
  • Current Price attribute – Current price attribute will return Sale Price if available else it will return Regular Price.
  • Product Meta – It’s possible to add Product Meta to the feed.
  • Product Taxonomies – It’s also possible to add Product Taxonomies into the feed.
  • It’s also possible to add Brand Plugin Data (Perfect Woocommerce Brand, Woocommerce Brand, and others) into the feed.


We’ve a dedicated team of coders and wordpress experts to make your journey to us friendlier & error free. So, if you want to use our plugin or if you are facing any problem with our plugin feel free to say us by emailing here: [email protected]


  • Feed Making
  • FTP info config


Before installing the plugin please make sure that

  1. Your php version is 5.4 or greater
  2. WordPress version is 3.6 or greater
  3. WooCommerce version is 2.4 or greater

You can also check your system status and versions from WooCommerce > System Status

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload webappick-product-feed-for-woocommerce folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activeer de plug-in via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Select ‘Woo Feed’ from admin menu, Click ‘Make Feed’
  4. Select the template and make feed
  5. Klaar!

Read Documentation and FAQ

For Support Email to [email protected]

which shopping engines are supported?

This plugin support all the sopping engines.

Does the plugin support product variation?

Is there any limitation to feed size?

No, You can make unlimited number of feed

What is the difference between Free and Pro Version?

Free version include all the major functions but Pro version have some awesome functionality.

Using pro version:

  • You can filter product using price, quantity, product name
  • You can use custom taxonomies or other plugins taxonomy value into feed
  • Using Category Mapping You can map your store category with your merchant category which is very useful for visitor to find out your product into merchant site.
  • You can make different price for different merchant using Dynamic Attribute. Also it is possible to set different value for different product using Dynamic Attribute Conditions.

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