woocommerce xml feed import

Woocommerce xml feed import

All Add-Ons:

  • WooCommerce
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Link Cloaking
  • User Import
  • Unlimited site license.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Lifetime updates.
  • Unlimited site license.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Lifetime updates.

All Add-Ons:

  • WooCommerce
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Link Cloaking
  • User Import
  • Unlimited site license.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Lifetime updates.

All Add-Ons:

  • WooCommerce
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Link Cloaking
  • User Import
  • Unlimited site license.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Lifetime updates.


We think you’ll love WP All Import. If not, we have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. So if for any reason you want your money back, just let us know within 30 days of purchasing and we’ll issue a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a lifetime license?

Yes. Your access to support and updates will never expire. Your purchase is a one time payment. There are no renewal fees, ever.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment securely via PayPal and Stripe. You can pay offsite with PayPal, or directly on our site using your credit card. Payments are processed securely over SSL using Stripe.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you want your money back for any reason, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your payment in full.

Is this an unlimited site license?

Yes. You can use it on an unlimited number of sites. There are no limits.

Can I use it on my clients’ websites?

Yes. You can install it on your clients’ websites as well. Your clients do not need to purchase their own copy of WP All Import.

If I purchase the standard package today but want add-ons later, can I purchase them individually?

Yes. You can purchase the standard package today, and then individually purchase any add-ons you might need later. You get a cheaper price if you buy the Elite Bundle – you’ll pay a little bit more if you buy the add-ons individually.


Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress


WP All Import – Simple & Powerful XML / CSV Importer Plugin

“It’s a wonderful plugin that does so much, so well that it’s hard to list all of the features. But I’ll tell you this, I was able to import the content of a pair of websites running the ModX CMS into a WordPress install in less than 30 minutes. No joke!”
Alex Vasquez – DigiSavvy Co-Founder & WordCamp Los Angeles Organizer

WP All Import has a four step import process and an intuitive drag & drop interface that makes complicated import tasks simple and fast.

There are no special requirements that the elements in your file must be laid out in a certain way. WP All Import really can import any XML or CSV file.

WP All Import can be used for everything from migrating content from a legacy CMS to WordPress to building a store with an affiliate datafeed to displaying live stock quotes or sports scores to building a real estate portal.

Check out our documentation and video tutorials to make the most of WP All Import.

WP All Import integrates with our companion plugin, WP All Export. You can export posts, WooCommerce products, orders, users, or anything else with WP All Export. Then you can edit in Excel and re-import to the same site or migrate the data to another site with WP All Import.

For technical support from the developers, please consider purchasing WP All Import Pro.

WP All Import Professional Edition

WP All Import Pro is a paid upgrade that includes premium support and adds the following features:

Import data to Custom Fields – used by many themes, especially those using Custom Post Types – to store data associated with the posts.

Import images to the post media gallery – WP All Import can download images from URLs in an XML or CSV file and put them in the media gallery.

Cron Job/Recurring Imports – WP All Import pro can check periodically check a file for updates, and add, edit, and delete to the imported posts accordingly.

Import files from a URL – Download and import files from external websites, even if they are password protected with HTTP authentication. URL imports are integrated with the recurring/cron imports feature, so WP All Import can periodically re-download the files and add, edit, and delete posts accordingly.

Execution of Custom PHP Functions on data, i.e. use something like [my_function()] in your template, to pass the value of to my_function and display whatever it returns.

Guaranteed technical support via e-mail.

Need to import XML and CSV to WooCommerce? Check out our WooCommerce add-on.

WordPress CSV Imports

Read on to learn more about the CSV importer functionality of WP All Import. Importing CSVs with WP All Import is exactly the same as importing XML files, because internally, WP All Import actually converts your CSV file to an XML file on the fly. You can use the same XPath filtering options and all the same features you have when importing XML files.

CSV imports don’t require your CSV file to have a specific structure. Your CSV file can use any column names/headings. You can map the columns in your CSV file to the appropriate places in WordPress during the import process.

When importing CSV files, your CSV should have UTF-8 encoding if you are having trouble importing special characters.

In step 2 of a CSV import, you can specify an alternative delimiter if you aren’t using a comma. WP All Import can import CSVs that are pipe-delimited, # delimited, or delimited/separated by any other character.

For CSV import tutorials and example files, visit our documentation. Please keep in mind CSV imports with WP All Import are just like XML imports – you have all the same functionality, and the process is exactly the same. Any of our tutorial videos that apply to XML files also apply to importing CSV files, so if you see a tutorial with us importing an XML file, know that you can follow the exact same steps for a CSV import.


A number of premium add-ons are available to add functionality to the importer and make XML & CSV import tasks to complex plugins simple.

  • Advanced Custom Fields Add-On – ACF XML & CSV importer
  • WooCommerce Add-On – XML & CSV importer for all WooCommerce product types
  • User Import Add-On – XML & CSV importer for users, including user_meta
  • Link Cloak Add-On – Auto-create redirects for links present during an XML or CSV import

A developer API (action hooks) is also available.

Premium Support

Upgrade to the Pro edition of WP All Import for premium support.

Import To WooCommerce

Need to import XML and CSV to WooCommerce? Check out our WooCommerce add-on.

WooCommerce XML feed synchronization module

XML Feed Import Module for WooCommerce imports items or products from your supplier or wholesaler in dependency on settings (margin, mapping of categories or products) to shopping cart.

Import process for B2B WooCommerce

Import Module use our B2B XML DataFeed Connector for WooCommerce.

Action for items and their parameters included in XML feed are two possibilities:

Insert an item

If an item isn t in the WooCommerce the module inserts the item to the WooCommerce database with corresponding parameters (see below). It is performed only once for each item.

Update item

If WooCommerce includes an item the module updates the parameters of the item. It is essential to set the updated parameters in administration. The parameters which are updated is neccessary set in administration.

During XML import it is necessary to process parameters described below.

If you have dealer or wholesaler who enables you receive orders from your eshop we offer WooCommerce dropshipping integration.

Parameters of items


Reference – an internal parameter which connects items from XML feed with WooCommerce.

Category – prior to the import it is necessary to make an agreement where items are to be imported. There are three possibilities (*):

    1. Import module creates the same category structure from XML feed
    2. The administrator creates own categories and map XML categories to them in import module administration.
    3. All items are imported to one category called “Import”. After the first import the administrator moves items to the final category manually.



    Price – price is inserted with or without conversion ratio (*)

    Images – images are downloaded during first occurence of item in WooCommerce database i.e. insert of item)

    Availability – it can be written to WooCommerce database same as in XML feed or some conversion can be carried out (*)

    (*) needs of customers vary and thus it is necessary to determine how the imported items will be operated in the first place. After that it is possible to arrange XML import scripts.

    Parts of Import Module

    1. The main settings in administration of WooCommerce provide category mapping between XML feed and WooCommerce. After a click on the module settings a tree of categories appears. At first, choose the XML category for setting on the left side. Then click on the eshop category or categories on the right side. In the end click on the button “Save”.
    2. XML Adapter = XML DataFeed Connector prepares data from XML feed in an internal format for the main import script (see point 3) in dependency on settings (point 1.). The adapter is necessary “to learn” to process a wholesaler’s XML DataFeed.
    3. Import script executed by CRON task performs the import of articles from XML feed into the WooCommerce product database. You can execute this script by CRON in any time. Script writes a log into database informing you about import process.

    Import XML feed module for WooCommerce

    Import solution includes my services for arrangement of the XML adapter. I prepare the adapter for the format of your supplier or dealer trying to meet your needs at the same time with your needs.

    The final price dependends on the complexity of XML processing. Please use the contact form at right side.

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