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Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Multiple Carrier Shipping Plugin combines the power of table rate shipping with real-time rates from shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL Express & Stamps.com (USPS) to give you a complete shipping solution for your business.

Yes, you heard it right! You can have the rates from all these major carriers with this one great plugin.

  • Real-Time Shipping Rates from:
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • USPS
  • Stamps.com
  • Free and Flat-Rate Shipping based on:
    • Product/Order Total Weight
    • Product Quantity in Cart
    • Total Price of all Products in Cart
    • Different Product Categories
    • WooCommerce Shipping Classes
    • Shipping Area
    • Bulk Import/Export Shipping Rules using the CSV
    • Multi-Vendor Compatible using Dokan
    • WPML Compatible
    • The Only Multi-carrier Shipping Plugin that packs the power of Top Five Shipping Carriers. This plugin offers features that include Free and Flat Rate Shipping calculation based on weight, quantity, and price, Real-time shipping rates, multi-Vendor Support, and WPML Compatibility.

      Supports UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Stamps.

      97% Customer Satisfaction Rating

      30 days Refund Policy

      Now, easily configure Shipping companies or services of the various shipping carriers based on rules using the powerful table rate platform of this Woocommerce Shipping plugin. One outstanding feature that sets apart this plugin from its competitors is the fact that you can set rules using various parameters like WooCommerce shipping classes, WooCommerce Product categories, Prices based on weight, item quantity, and price and make your shipping hassle-free.


      Define WooCommerce Shipping zones and create Shipping Areas: Outstanding seems to be the right word for this plugin! Using this feature, now create Areas where your rules would be applicable.
      An area can be a WooCommerce defined shipping zone, country, State or even postal codes.

      So now, easily set your shipping based on different geographies and make the most of your preferential zones.

      Parcel Packing: Configure the plugin to automatically determine how items should be packed. This information will be sent to the specific carrier in their request which will affect the rates returned by them.
      You can choose:

      • Weight-based packing method (pack items based on the maximum weight of the box as specified in the admin section)
      • Pack items individually.

      Supports Domestic Services

      Supports International Services(WooCommerce international shipping)

      Shipping Area Management

      This feature is under a different tab (WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Area Management). By using this module you can easily create your own areas using: Country Name, City Name, State and Postal Code. After adding an area you can go to the plugin main page and set a rule for this area.

      Other features

      • Allows to set a title for WooCommerce shipping methods on the cart/checkout page
      • Option to add extra charges to the rates returned from shipping API.
      • Supports debugging.
      • Option to add/update/duplicate/delete shipping rules.
      • You can Import rules from CSV.
      • You can Export rules from CSV.
      • Supports USPS flat rate boxes.
      • Works on the concept of Volumetric weight.
      • Compatible with the Multi-vendor scenario.
      • Supports FedEx pre-defined boxes.
      • Supports multiple currencies.

      In English: I bought this plugin for my new e-commerce website in WooCommerce solution. I have analyzed like 10 plugins and this one is definitely the best. I have two kinds of products, perishables, and nonperishables, this way, I need a plugin that defines a specific rule for a specific product or shipping class. Recently I needed some support and these guys are the best as well!

      Em Português: Eu comprei a licença deste plugin para minha nova loja virtual na solução de WooCommerce. Eu cheguei a analizar mais de 10 opções de plugins que se propunham a fazer tal tarefa, mas este realmente foi o melhor. Eu vendo dois tipos de produtos basicamente, perecíveis e não perecíveis, então eu precisava de um plugin que pudesse contemplar uma regra específica para um determinado produto ou classe de expedição. Recentemente eu precisei de suporte e verifiquei que os caras da PluginHive são também os melhores.

      I bought a five seat license because my clients want to use different shippers.

      So far, I have installed FedEx shipment on one website. The programmers were eager to make modifications, particularly around home vs business recipient addresses, to help get the proper options displayed. They put out several new versions as we worked on the changes. It’s now doing exactly what I needed.

      I gave it four stars because all I know for sure is that the FedEx portion works. As I install other shippers on other websites, I’ll revisit this review.

      Support is fast problems are resolved quickly. This helps me to feel confident in this product. The customer support alone makes this purchase worth the price.

      Business Cases For Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin

      • Offer Shipping Rates via UPS and USPS(WooCommerce Shipping by weight)

      WooCommerce store owners can use the shipping carriers UPS and USPS together to ship their products. In a scenario where the total shipment weight is below 5 lbs, customers can get USPS shipping services on the cart page. On the other hand, if the weight is more than 5 lbs, the customers can easily choose from different UPS shipping services. This is a classic case of WooCommerce conditional shipping based on product weight. Here all you need to do is create the following shipping rules within the plugin and you are good to go.
      Rule 1: If Total Weight 5 lbs show UPS Shipping Services.

      • Offer Region-Specific Shipping Rates

      WooCommerce store owners ship their products to different locations across the globe. Based on the location, there are different shipping carriers that are preferred all over the world. Hence, you can make sure to provide WooCommerce shipping options via shipping carriers like UPS and USPS to ship across the USA. On the other hand, for your customers in Asia, you can choose to ship via shipping carriers like DHL and FedEx which are more preferred in that part of the world. With this kind of WooCommerce Shipping setup, the plugin provides one of the easiest ways to display multiple WooCommerce shipping options from different carriers based on the location.

      • Offer Different Shipping Services for Different Vendors

      WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin is fully compatible with Dokan Multi-Vendor plugin and offers the best way to handle WooCommerce multi-vendor shipping scenario. Store owners can easily configure the plugin to show different shipping services from multiple shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, Stamps, and USPS, preferred by the vendors. Hence, a vendor in the USA can configure his UPS account to show UPS shipping services to the customers. And at the same time, another vendor in the UK can choose from various shipping services from DHL. And for another vendor in central Asia, you can choose to provide shipping rates via FedEx.

      • Offer Shipping via USPS and FedEx throughout the USA

      USPS covers almost all the areas when it comes to shipping in the USA. Hence, it is a good option to get USPS shipping rates to show on the cart page. On the other hand, for the time-sensitive deliveries, it is always great to have FedEx shipping options available for the convenience of the customers. For such a scenario, you can easily create some shipping rules based on your requirements. For example:
      Rule 1: Group 1 – If Shipping Area = USA then show USPS Shipping Services
      Rule 2: Group 2 – If Shipping Area = USA then show FedEx Shipping Services

      • Offer Pickup Option with FedEx Delivery Options

      WooCommerce store owners can easily provide Pickup option to nearby customers by creating a Flat Rate option of $0 and renaming it as Pickup. On the contrary, for other customers, you can easily choose to provide different FedEx Shipping options based on their address. Here is the WooCommerce Shipping Setup :
      Rule 1: If Shipping Area = Nearby States, then show Local Pickup (Flat Rate $0)
      Rule 2: If Shipping Area = Any Other Area, then show FedEx Shipping Services

      Compare Features (Multi-carrier vs. other popular shipping plugins)

      The below table should help you compare the features of the Multi-carrier plugin with that of the following top-selling shipping plugins:

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