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I have updated to version 1.3 of the theme with woocommerce 2.02. When I create a product with a variation I can view the product and have a drop down of the attribute but the add to cart button does not appear. Here is a link to the product page – http://www.golfstorehouse.com/test/shop-page/taylor-made-r11s-driver/.

Any ideas as to what’s not working?

Deleting that folder fixed the “add to cart” problem I was having too. Variation photos still don’t change like they are suppose when when certain variations (ex. color) is selected.

I am having the exact same issue of the variation photos not changing when you select any variation. The default Featured Images stays no matter what.

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Woocommerce-variation-add-to-cart variations button

I’m running WooCommerce version 2.5.5. The following lines of code don’t seem to change the Add To Cart button text on my product page for an item with variations:

Would you happen to know what I’m missing?

The correct filter for the single product page is woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text .

Update: for WooCommerce 3+

You are using an obsolete hook for prior versions 2.1 of WooCommerce (see at the bottom the reference).

First you can target the desired product type in those (new) hooks with conditions:

Now you have 2 available hooks for Woocommerce:

  • One for single product pages (targeting the product types with conditions):
  • And the other for product archives pages (targeting the product types with conditions):

And you will use one or both of them with your customized function targeting through the variables product type condition, this way:

You can also have a custom button text by product type: See here.

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