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Stock Status not updating

Background: E-commerce website. Initial products were loaded via woocommerce import (CSV FILE). The remainder of the products are added as new items come to stock on an individual level.

Whenever the initial items are purchased online (those that were imported), the stock quantity updates (we only have one of each item) but the stock status doesn’t changed to out of stock. However when the items that are added individually are purchased, it updates that stock status fine. Any ideas on this one??

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

What happens when you save imported product in product edit form after importing and then purchase the product?

We have over 400 products imported – does this mean i need to edit each one and resave??

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Hmm, that is strange! So, one thing you can check is to just make sure the settings at WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Inventory are all the way you want them (it sounds they probably are, if the non-imported products are behaving correctly, but it doesn’t hurt to be certain).

Next, you can compare the inventory settings on one non-imported product to one imported product. I would expect they have the same settings (for example, stock quantity set to 1, do not allow backorders, and status set to “in stock”). If all that looks correct, save one of your imported products, as KursorA mentions above, and then test if purchasing that single product reduces the stock and sets the out-of-stock notice.

Are these variations, or simple products (or some other option)? It’s possible if they are variations, the variations themselves have different stock levels set, which would certainly cause this sort of issue.

Woocommerce inverntory settings are correct.

Imported and non-imported products are set to the same settings (manage stock, stock qty: 1, no back orders, in stock)

If I click product>edit>update this doesn’t change the issue I cam having – it seems to still not update the stock status.

All products are simple, one of a kind products so no attributes or anything.

Automattic Happiness Engineer

Hi sorry for the long wait here!

So it’s possible that there’s a conflict of some kind happening. Could you make an edit to a product, save it, then change it back to the correct settings and save again? I want to be sure the product is CHANGING when you re-save it.

Next, you’ll want to do plugin conflict testing, so if you don’t have a staging site set up, now would be a good time to do that. You can set one up very quickly using WP Staging (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-staging/). Then, on the staging site (which will be an EXACT copy of your live site), please make sure you’re getting the same issue, then disable all your plugins except for WooCommerce and test again.

Please let us know how it turns out!

Hi, I am facing some issue with the parent stock.

is there any way to set up the parent stock management? I tried using inventory — stock on the single product page and it doesn’t work. If I use “toggle mange stock”, the stock management will be on the individual variable level.

Eg. I have product A with 2 variables (1,2). I want to set a total stock for Product A to 10 pieces. Clients will be able to purchase product 1 and/or product 2 to a max of 10 pieces (regardless of combination).

in this example, filtering size 0-6 should display only items that have the size 0-6 in stock.
the 3 items showing up in results don’t have 0-6 size in stock but still display.
the expected results is “0” products
this is just one example out of many.. you can move around in pages and the the same results in different filtering.

from what I understand, after upgrading Woocommerce from 2.6 to 3.0+
The information of displaying the “out of stock” (just for display) was lost.
and that’s because Product visibility is now handled in the form of a taxonomy, rather than post meta. so somewhere in the process of updating this piece of info was lost.

rolling back to 2.6 fixed this and displayed the correct filtered variations

this error reflects other parts of the system as well.

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