woocommerce new order notifications not working

Woocommerce new order notifications not working

Been pulling my hair out over this for a few days now. The scenario is that 1 store has 2 locations so based on the shipping country selected at checkout the new order notification needs to go to the relevant email address.

I got this to work. partially.

During testing phase I used "direct bank transfer" payment method for the sake of getting the order completed. The below code works great with that payment method but as i discovered later when an order gets placed through paypal it no longer works.

Futhermore, if you change the product to virtual then it works with paypal, but as soon as you add

to bring back the shipping options then it stops working again.

Here is my code so far

Hopefully someone can spot something obvious that I am missing, thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Zapier works but has some limitations, I would still like to find a solution to this that doesnt require a third party app.

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