woocommerce link to product page

Woocommerce link to product page

I have spent the majority of the day trying to figure out how to adjust the single product page using woocommerce.

I would like to add a custom button next to the "Add to cart" button that would be a custom link that says "Next". I am working on an invitation website where there are numerous components to an invitation, so after a user adds a product to their cart, I want there to be an option that says "Next" so they can go ahead and customize the next piece of the invitation. (I will have custom fields for each). The next button won’t be on all products, and the link will be different for each. I don’t think this is the best way to do it, but don’t have another solution right now.

I also was researching bundles products or "composite products" – however, composite products are all on one page and I will need to add variations for each for quantities of 25/50/75/100 etc.

Could someone please provide any feedback or suggestions!! PLEASEEE. Thank you

Add a single product from woocommerce to a page

I just searched but don’t find any solution.

How can I show a single woocommerce product at a page or post?

Do have any hint how to solve this correctly?

Thanks a lot.

In our avia layout builder switch to the “Plugin Additions” tab and use our product shortcodes to display a product.

thanks for your reply. As described I need to show one specific product. With the Plugin Additions this is not possible.
And Official WordPress Shortcodes seem to conflict with the theme. Any idea how to solve?

Sorry, I forgot to check your link last time. The Woocommerce shortcodes should be working fine. It looks like you pasted it into the Visual editor though which will surround it with code tags. Switch to the Text editor and delete everything you see and then type the shortcode out manually.

Best regards,

thanks for you reply and your hint !!
It’s exactly the oposite but now it’s wokring:

So it’s working in these conditions:
Standard Editor with delete html code as you wrote. But I wand additional content.

WIth the Layout Editor it’s working !

It’s not working with other html code liek

The product shortcode is working fine. Try to use text blocks. Please create another test page so that we can see the issue.

as written with using in Layouteditor it’s working. – closed –
Thanks a lot.

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