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How to Use WooCommerce Discount Coupons

WooCommerce Explained is the best-selling book on WooCommerce.

In this exclusive tutorial, taken from WooCommerce Explained, we’re going to show you how to create discount codes for your WooCommerce store.

Coupons are often a fundamental part of the marketing strategy for stores.

You may want to create a holiday discount, a discount code for first time customers, or a discount code just for a special audience such as your newsletter or a podcast.

Creating Your First WooCommerce Coupon

The example we’re going to use for coupons is linked to the launch of our store. In "WooCommerce Explained" we use the example of store called "Purpleville", so that’s what you’ll see here. We’re going to offer a $20 discount for everyone who buys at least $75 worth or products.

  • Log in to your WordPress site. Go to "WooCommerce" and then "Coupons".
  • If this is your first time here, you’ll see a blank page.
  • Click "Create your first coupon".

After the page loads, we’ll see all of the fields we need to fill out.

First, we need to add the Coupon code, which is what the user has to enter to apply the coupon.

  • Type in a name into the "Coupon Code" field. I’ll enter "purpevillelaunch".
  • Enter a description for the coupon. This is just for your purposes. So you can enter a description to remind yourself and anyone else what this coupon is used for. I’ll add "This 20% discount will be for the launch of the Purpleville store".

Now we need to enter a discount. There are a few different types of discounts:

What’s the difference between these coupon types? Let’s imagine a cart contains two Dinosaur T-shirts and two Plain T-shirts for $20 each. The cart total will be $80. Here are different ways the coupons can impact this order:

  • Percentage discount: A coupon for 10% would result in savings of of $8.
  • Fixed cart discount: A coupon for $20 would result in savings of of $20.
  • Fixed product discount: This gives the customer a flat discount on only some products. So, a coupon for $5 might only apply to Dinosaur T-shirts. This would result in savings of $10.

For our store, I want to offer a really good discount. So I’m going to offer a $20 Fixed cart discount:

  • Set "Discount type" to "Fixed cart discount".
  • Set "Coupon amount" to "20".

Now we need to add our restrictions:

  • Click the "Usage restriction" tab.
  • Set the "Minimum spend" to 75 if you want to make sure people don’t get the discount for only spending a few dollars.
  • Enable "Individual use only" to make sure it isn’t combined with any other coupons.

Our coupon is pretty great. We just want to add a few more restrictions. If we don’t, users can use this coupon over and over again.

  • Click the "Usage limits" tab.
  • Under "Usage limit per user" enter "1". This way our new customers can only use the coupon once.
  • Click "Publish".

  • The coupon is live on the site and we can test it ourselves to make sure it works.

It is possible to track how which coupons are most successful:

  • In your WordPress admin area, go to "WooCommerce" and then "Reports".
  • Click "Orders" and then "Coupons by date".
  • You’ll see a graphic report that shows how often each coupon has been used.

Going Further With WooCommerce Coupons

We created a simple launch coupon in this chapter. Your store may well need a more sophisticated coupon strategy. You can look into discounts on specific products, product categories, or even offer free shipping.

The trick with coupons is to make sure that someone can’t use a coupon meant for 50% off a $10 item on a $1,000 item. Be very specific with how you create your coupons to make sure you don’t let someone use coupons in an unintentional way. That way you can avoid having to eat the cost or refunding the order and possibly angering the customer.

This will add extra features directly into the default WooCommerce Coupons area. After installing the plugin, go and edit a coupon. You will see a new "Checkout" area on the left-hand side. This allows you to create coupons that apply to specific customers or user roles. You can also create coupons for customers who use a specific shipping method or payment method.

Under the "Miscellaneous" tab, you’ll have the option to automatically add the coupon to the users account, if the criteria are met. This is a user-friendly feature because customers do often forget to enter a coupon, or they will type it incorrectly.

Go Further With WooCommerce

If you enjoyed this introduction to WooCommerce coupons, check out WooCommerce Explained, the comprehensive introduction to WooCommerce.

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Woocommerce how to use coupons

By default, WooCommerce doesn’t offer features to create advanced coupons which will apply automatically to your product discounts. Want to create advanced coupons in your WooCommerce store? Well, you got to look for a WooCommerce dynamic plugin.

WooComerce discount rules is one of the best selling WooCommerce coupon plugin in the WordPress community. This Woo discount plugin allows you to create dynamic priced discounts, advanced coupons, and even allows you to create your dynamic pricing deals as well.

Don’t get influenced by what this blog says. Try the demo of this dynamic plugin and know how to create an advanced coupon in WooCommerce.

How to use one coupon code for multiple discounts in WooCommerce?

Action 1: Creating a New Coupon Code

  • Hover on top of the WooCommerce option in your WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Select ‘Coupons’ in the listing.
  • The other way to open the ‘Add New Coupon’ screen is to click on the ‘New’ option on top of your WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Then, choose ‘Coupon’ to create a new coupon code.

General tab
  • Enter the ‘Coupon code’ and ‘Coupon description’ in the respective text boxes on top of the screen
  • ‘SHOPNOW’ is the coupon code for this WooCommerce coupon offer.

General data of the Coupon discount needs to be defined.

  • Select the ‘discount type’ of the coupon code as ‘percentage discount’.
  • Fix the coupon amount to be ‘ZERO’. Fixing the coupon amount as zero is the reason that allows you to create this smart coupon.
  • Check the Free shipping checkbox if you want the coupon code to allow free shipping.
  • Enter the validity of the Coupon offer in the last field.

Usage restriction

To make it easy for you, the ‘usage restriction’ section doesn’t need any changes since you are creating an advanced WooCommerce coupon for multiple discounts.

this tab will allow you to set the coupon restrictions like minimum spend and maximum spend for the coupon discount, product criteria, category criteria, and user criteria.

Usage limits

‘Usage limits’ section also doesn’t need any changes for this multiple discount scenario.

Click ‘Publish’ to create the coupon code.

Now, that the new coupon code – SHOPNOW is created, you will be creating two Woo discount rules. And these discounts will use the new coupon code.

Multiple Discount 1- Product price based discount

Multiple Discount 2- Cart discount

Action 2: Multiple Discount 1- Creating a Price discount rule

“Buy a Cap and get a Coupon discount of 10%” is the price discount rule created here.

Start with WooCommerce Discount Rules Plugin from

WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > WooCommerce Discount Rules

Choose ‘Price Discount Rules’ tab in the home screen of this woo coupon plugin. Click on the ‘Add New Rule’ button to get started. The successive plugin screens are briefed as follows,

The General data relating to the advanced coupon discount like Rule name, Rule description, Validity needs to be entered in this section.

Major fields to look into in this section are,

Order: The order number will prioritize the discounts for your WooCommerce customer in case the customer satisfies two discount rules.

Method: Make sure to select ‘Quantity based by Product/category and BOGO deals in the methods field.

It is the section where the complete discount rules are set.

  • The discount idea here is to create a coupon discount on a specific product.
  • So choose ‘Specific Products’ in the ‘Apply to’ field.
  • It opens up a secondary field box where you need to choose the particular product on which the coupon needs to apply.
  • Cap (#52) is the product selected here for the discount rule.
  • Selecting ‘All’ in customers field box will make the coupon discount available to all your WooCommerce customers.
  • Now, you need to choose ‘Apply if anyone coupon applied’ in the coupon field box to add coupon discount to this price discount rule.
  • Next, enter the coupon code/ promo code created earlier in the following text box.
  • The following features ‘Subtotal’ and ‘purchase history’ are not used for this discount rule.

Completing the ‘Condition’ section as above, click Next to move to the ‘Discount’ tab.

In this section, you will be fixing the discount type and discount values for the price discount rule.

  • Start by clicking on ‘Add New Range’
  • Now you have to fix the minimum quantity, maximum quantity, adjustment type, discount value.

Specific Product price discount rule condition:

Buy a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 99 Cap to get a 10% discount.

Action 3: Multiple Discount 2- Creating a Cart discount rule

Shop for $500 and Get 20% Coupon discount” is the cart discount rule created here.

To create a smart WooCommerce coupon enabling your store with cart discount,

Start with WooCommerce Discount Rules Plugin from

WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > WooCommerce Discount Rules

Choose ‘Cart Discount Rules’ tab in the dynamic discount plugin’s home screen. Then, click on the ‘Add New Rule’ button to get started. The successive plugin screens are briefed as follows,

The General data relating to the cart discount rule like Rule name, Rule description, Validity needs to be entered in this section.

Major field to look into in this section are,

Order: The order number will prioritize the discounts for your WooCommerce customer in case the customer’s shopping satisfies two discount rules.

  • The ‘cart conditions’ for the discount rule needs to be selected. Click on ‘Add Condition’ to add the conditions field.
  • Select ‘Atleast anyone’ under ‘coupon applied’ from the ‘Type’ drop down.
  • Enter the coupon code ‘SHOPNOW’ in the ‘Value’ text box.

In this section, the cart discount type and the cart discount value needs to be entered.

  • Select ‘Percentage Discount’ in discount type
  • Set the discount value to be 20

Click on ‘Save rule’ to activate the cart discount coupon.

So, that’s all about creating the advanced coupon discount for multiple products. Pretty simple, right?

Well, WooCommerce discount rules is the best coupon plugin which allows you to create many unique coupon discounts and dynamic pricing deals in quick and simple steps.

Want to try creating this multiple coupon discounts? Get your free access to the plugin demo here.

Do let us know in the comments on suggestions. Hope you find this post useful in your WooCommerce business.

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