woocommerce how to turn off related products

Remove "Related Products" on Shop page

I’d like to remove the “Related Products” customers see when they click on any specific product in my Shop. Is there a quick CSS code for that?

You can add this to Quick CSS:

Hope this helps.

Actually I wanted to know how to remove Related Products when there are Upsells displayed if that’s possible

It worked, thank you!

You can try to replace following line in wp-contentthemesflashlightwoocommerce-configconfig.php:

I didn’t test the code but it uses some code parts from wp-contentpluginswoocommercetemplatessingle-productup-sells.php and should work.

I got the error

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_upsells() on a non-object in /wp-content/themes/flashlight/woocommerce-config/config.php on line 105

I will take a look later, im not that fussed, just would have been a nice addition

I’ll tag the topic for Peter as I’m not familiar with what he was trying to do but he may be able to offer an additional fix.

Found this answer on Woocommerce site. Had this issue after updating wool 2.0.7 and Propulsion 1.9.1 and it worked for me. It took out the Related product’s hr flag and everything from my product pages.

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