woocommerce hover not working

Woocommerce hover not working

Im new on the site. I have a problem in deveoping my own wordpress theme. I have installed wordpress plugin called Woocommerce image zoom. The hover zoom function not working. In other theme its good. Its an only install and use plugin, but i think in my theme i must make some changes or must add some javascript code? I use jquery, bootstrap js and own js file with little codes. Can someone help me what can i do? Where can i start?

The second question is how can i change the single product page layout without plugin? I want to insert the bootstrap column classes. I want to display the image on the left column and the other (properties, order button and etc. on the right column). How can i do this?

As for the Woocommerce image zoom, there must be a javascript that is conflicting with the plugin hence the preventing it form working. To do this check if there are any error in the console. Refer here https://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Your_Browser_to_Diagnose_JavaScript_Errors

Probably it’s not compatible with our theme it is not compatible with the theme you are using. Kindly deactivate the theme and try it on the WordPress default theme(WordPress 2017 Theme) to see if it works.

Support » Plugin: WooCommerce » WooCommerce logout endpoint not working

WooCommerce logout endpoint not working

I can’t log out of my site, the logout endpoint is not working no matter what I try. I just don’t understand what’s wrong.

Latest test:
Reinstalled latest WordPress, reinstalled latest WooCommerce, disabled all plugins except WooCommerce, updated and activated Twenty Thirteen theme. The logout link is: http://example.com/my-account/customer-logout/?_wpnonce=134c3a6e83. I click the link, end up on a new screen with “You are attempting to log out of Example Site. Do you really want to log out? I click yes, end up back at my-account page with user still logged in.

Any idea what’s happening and how I can fix it?

Automattic Happiness Engineer

If you disable WooCommerce, are you able to log out?

Can you log out from:
– My Account?
– Top right of the admin bar / hover over your name / Log out?

Can you make sure the logout endpoint you have set under WooCommerce > Accounts matches the URL in the link you use when you try to log out?


WooCommerce Product Image Flipper


A very simple plugin that adds a secondary product thumbnail on product archives that is revealed when you hover over the main product image.

This plugin is ideal if you’d like to display more than one image on product archives, and perfect if you want to display front and back images of clothing for example.

Please feel free to contribute on github.


  • A flipped image.


  1. Upload woocommerce-product-image-flipper to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Done!

Whichever image is first in the order of product gallery images will appear on hover.

My secondary image is taller than the main product image and overlaps content when it fades in

This is due to the secondary image being positioned absolutely. This is the cleanest way I can think to do this with CSS alone. You may want to consider hard cropping your product catalog thumbnails to ensure all images are the same dimensions in product archives.

It doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I hover over images?

First of all check that the product you’re checking has a gallery attached to it.

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