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WooCommerce Checkout Integration Problem

Hi! I enabled WooCommerce checkout integration with double opt-in and used a test email address to subscribe. I didn’t receive a confirmation email in that address. Also, I set the ‘debug log level’ to log ‘everything’, but nothing has been logged. I checked at MailChimp, no contact has been added to the list.

I would appreciate any help, please. Thanks.

Please note that the “Double Opt-in” email is sent by MailChimp.com and not our plugin and sometimes based on how an email is setup, the email is received late or not received at all.

To check if the integration is working, I would suggest disabling “Double Opt-in” when you test again.

Hi Harish! Thanks for your reply.

I already disabled ‘Double Opt-in’ both in MailChimp and in the plugin, it’s still not working.

Are you using a custom checkout page?
Can you share a link to your site?

​Thanks for letting us know.

Hi Lap! No, I’m not using a custom checkout.

I think I’ve found what’s causing the problem. There is a conflict with the ‘PayPal for WooCommerce’ plugin. When I disable it and use the WooCommerce built in PayPal gateway instead, integration is working fine.

Is there any other way to make ‘MailChimp for WordPress’ WooCommerce checkout integration work even with ‘PayPal for WooCommerce’ enabled? Thanks.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

I can imagine the PayPal plugin that you are using is showing a custom checkout page skipping the place where we integrate our plugin. You could look into enabling a Custom Integration on that custom checkout page. All you have to do is include a checkbox or hidden field for our plugin to pick it up.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let us know!

How to Edit the WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Checkbox Text

Until recently, adding a terms and conditions checkbox in your WooCommerce checkout page was very easy, but changing its text was not because you needed to add some custom coding.

Now, thanks (at least for this) to the GDPR law, WooCommerce has made it easier to edit the terms and conditions checkbox text. You don’t need to add coding anymore!

Let’s see how it’s done.

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Edit WooCommerce’s terms and conditions checkbox text

All you have to do is to:

1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard;

2. Go to Appearance -> Customize.

Yes, WooCommerce added some features there.

3. Select WooCommerce -> Checkout.

4. Edit the Terms and conditions text, which is found at the very bottom.

Make sure the proper terms and conditions page is selected as well!

5. Click the Publish button!

Now go to your checkout page and see if the terms and conditions text has changed.

If not, try clearing your browser and/or website cache, even though the cart and checkout pages should usually be excluded from any caching plugins by default.

How to add a custom link to the terms and conditions text

Since several people have asked for this, here’s an update.

If you don’t want to link to the standard terms and conditions page, then you can swap the [terms] shortcode with an HTML link. For example:

I have read and agree to the website’s Refund Terms.

You might want to read:

That’s a wrap

Hope the post was comprehensive enough and helped you to edit the terms and conditions checkbox text in your WooCommerce checkout page.

If you have any questions or thoughts, drop a comment, contact us or message us on Facebook.

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You can also purchase a ready-made WordPress website with hosting and support included!

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Thanks fro sharing, helpful for beginner.

I might be late with this question but I will give it a try?
How can I edit the “Privacy policy” and “Terms and Conditions” text to make the links which appear as [privacy_policy] & [term] in the text box white in color and are invisible for the buyer? The rest of the text stays black/dark grey….

This CSS code should work: .woocommerce-terms-and-conditions-wrapper a

The quickest way to add it is via Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS. Change #000000 to whatever hex color code you want. You should check your theme’s settings and see what color is used for your links or as the main color of the site. Then use that color code.

A big THANK YOU for your quick and easy to follow tip. It saved me loads of time. Congratz on the excellent and free content you provide here plus the insights you add in the answers!
The code you provided worked as described in the Theme customizer and now “terms and conditions” phrase is in red and visible for buyers. I tried to follow the same example for another line (“Click here to enter your code”) in the checkout page invisible for buyers (since is typed in white over a white-grayish background of a WooCommerce box/container) but it did not work.

Here is what i added in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS:
.woocommerce-Click-here-to-enter-your-code-wrapper a

Any idea how to proceed?

Unfortunately my theme`s customiser does not have a setting for link colors but only for color of site title and site tagline.
How your answers will reach more readers (especially beginners) since although small they can prevent buyers from buying and Google Shooping ads unavailable and Merchant Center Account suspended.

The text color i am trying to change on the checkout for of WooCommerce above is part of the Coupon section where the full text says “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”

You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words!

You need to see the correct CSS class in the page’s source code in order to make changes to it.

That part you mentioned is different on my theme, so most likely the CSS class will differ. Therefore, I’ll need your product’s page in order to check things out and provide the right code.

This is not a default behavior, and I think it’s caused by your theme or a plugin feature that you might be using. I recommend checking your theme and plugins settings.

I would like to insert in the checkbox text a link to my cancellation terms. How is that possible?

Add an HTML link:

Think that should work.

target="_blank" is optional. It opens the link in a new tab. If you don’t want that and you’ll remove target="_blank" , then also remove rel="noopener" since that’s just for links that open in a new tab.

Let me know if it didn’t work.

Love the post. Have a problem. For some reason the checkbox is overlapping the “I agree to the website “terms and conditions* text. Checkbox appears right over the “I a”

I’m glad you love the post! Thanks! ��

That’s caused by a CSS issue. I checked your checkout page, and here’s the fix:

.woocommerce form .form-row .input-checkbox

If that somehow doesn’t take effect, add !important :

.woocommerce form .form-row .input-checkbox

Excellent post
I’m searching for a way to change terms and conditions to Refund Policy in the shortcode [terms]
I would like it to read like this
I have read and agree to the website Refund Policy [refundpoiicy]
Where [refundpoiicy] brings up the page Refund Policy.

Opps Spelling error [refundpoiicy] should read [refundpolicy]

You can add a link using HTML. So, in your case, just add:

I have read and agree to the website Refund Policy.

Do you know how I can change the terms and conditions link language?
At this moment the message of the link is “terms and conditions”
but I want it to say “Terminos y condiciones”, but without modifying the functionality

Hi! The simplest way to do that is not to use the shortcode [terms] . Instead, add a custom link like the one I’ve shown at the end of the post, add write it in any language that you need.

Hello, thanks for the answer
I did a test and it works, but it sends the user to the link in another window, I do not want to send the client to another link or another window, I want the client to click and show the information as it is by default, without showing another place, so that the client does not lose the interest to buy, and that does not leave the shopping cart

I apologize for the translation, I speak Spanish and use google translate

No worries. Google Translate does a very good job. ��

1. If you mean that the link opens in a new browser tab, then it might be a theme feature, because I didn’t add target="_blank" to the link. So, the link I added is not meant to open new tabs or windows.

2. If by “another window”, you mean that the link loads over your checkout page, replacing it, basically, instead of opening the Terms in a scrollable frame inside the checkout page, as the [terms] shortcode does, then you’re right. That’s the disadvantage of using a custom link instead of the [terms] shortcode.

Anyway, that link should be translated by default if you’ve set the proper language in WordPress. But since it’s not, do the following:

1. Use a translation plugin and see if it works. Loco Translate is usually recommended.

2. If you have a theme that has WooCommerce support, it might have files that override some of the WooCommerce files, so I suggest asking the theme developers for help with some specific custom code to translate the terms link.

You’ll need a code to add in your child theme’s functions.php file, otherwise, the change you make will disappear after each update.

Hello thank you very much

option number 2 is what I speak
I tried loco translate and found untranslated words and changed them
but unfortunately I can not make it translate “term and conditions”

“term and conditions” is in woocommerce and my electro theme
I made the changes but there are no changes

I’m using a localhost for the tests

how difficult it is to find what disables that translation

I’m still looking for a solution, if you have another idea welcome

thank you very very much

I have already managed to translate
with the help of Loco Translate I found the PHP file that contains the phrase “terms and conditions”

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