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5+ Best WooCommerce Product Slider Extensions for WordPress

Adding a WooCommerce product slider extension on your WooCommerce compatible website can be beneficial in many ways. It will allow you to showcase your online products in an eye-catching slider and carousel form. By doing so, you can display the products to your audience in a visually dynamic and appealing manner which may result in the significant boost of engagement rate and conversion rate of your WooCommerce website.

A product slider options, being one of the most important features for eCommerce comes inbuilt in many WooCommerce specialized templates. However, if you are not using a WooCommerce theme on your WordPress website and do not have an inbuilt product slider then, you can add it by using the Product slider extension for WooCommerce that can be found in the web. The WooCommerce product slider extension contains different types of designs and features for creating an eye-catching product slider or carousel in a few minutes.

The Best WooCommerce Product Slider Extensions for WordPress

Now let’s talk about some of the popular product slider extension for WooCommerce WordPress website that allows you to add beautiful product slider. They come with cool designs and quality features and will let you add showcase the WooCommerce products in a stunning way.

Let’s talk about them on details:

Product Slider for WooCommerce

Product Slider for WooCommerce is an advanced WooCommerce extension for showcasing your online products in an appealing way. It supports slider and carousel layouts and has 25+ pre-designed templates. The templates include 14 slider templates and 17 carousel templates which allows you to feature your WooCommerce product in an eye-catching fashion. Moreover, the plugin also consists of 4 lightbox templates to beautifully display the details of your products.

Product Slider for WooCommerce is a highly customizable WP plugin that contains tons of customization options. It comes with 8 ribbon templates and 6 ribbon position options for marking the featured products, latest products, popular products and many more. Besides, you can also automatically assign the ribbons for the products that are out of stocks.

Major Features of Product Slider for WooCommerce

  • 25+ Ready to Use Slider and Carousel Templates
  • Options for Product Filtration According to Taxonomies, Categories, Custom Fields, etc
  • Product Sorting Options
  • 8 Predesigned Ribbon Templates for Marking your Products
  • 6 Different Position Options to Display your Ribbons
  • Option to Automatically Assign Ribbon to Out of Stock Products
  • Call to Action Buttons for Engaging your Customers
  • Social Share Options to Share your Products

Twist is a premium gallery slider extension for your WooCommerce WordPress website. It allows you to easily add a carousel for showcasing the WooCommerce product of your online store. The carousel includes image slider that lets you slide the feature image of your products. Along with the feature image, you can include the details of your product with the beautiful lightbox effects.

Twist is an ultimate plugin that provides you full control over the number of WooCommerce products that you want to include in the slider. Moreover, the slider can be auto played by a certain amount of time. Also, the plugin supports Youtube and Vimeo Videos for the product images. That means you can add the Youtube or Vimeo video instead of the featured image on your product slider.

Major Features of Twist

  • Responsive Horizontal and Vertical Slider Layout
  • Navigation Options for Slider Supported
  • Image Slider for Single Product Feature Image Area
  • Lightbox Customization Options for Product Details/Descriptions
  • Youtube and Vimeo Video Supported for Product Image and Gallery
  • Enable/Disable Lightbox Settings for Thumbnails Images
  • Autoplay Options for Sliders
  • RTL Mode Supported

TWI WooCommerce Product Slider/Carousel/Grid

TWI WooCommerce Product Slider/Carousel/Grid is an ultimate WooCommerce plugin for showcasing the online store products in various ways. It consists of different types of category wise sorting options to sort your products. Also, the plugin comes with inbuilt shortcodes for adding the product gallery anywhere on your WordPress website.

It is a fully customizable plugin that contains different types of customization options. Moreover, the plugin also comes with more than 650 Google fonts, unlimited color scheme, unlimited paginations, navigation colors to style up your Grids/Carousel/Slider in a unique way. Additionally, all the styling can be preview in AJAX with the help of AJAX Live Preview Options.

Major Features of TWI WooCommerce Product Slider/Carousel/Grid

  • 50+ Hover Overlap Animation Effects
  • 37+ Animations for Product Titles, Descriptions, Price Tags, Cart Buttons, and Star Ratings
  • Different Orders to Sort your Products
  • AJAX Live Preview Options
  • AJAX Image Re-Generator Features
  • Powerful Shortcode Builder
  • 650+ Google Fonts
  • Unlimited Paginations

WooCommerce Related Products Slider

WooCommerce Related Products Slider is a premium WooCommerce plugin that is used for displaying the related products with slider effects. It automatically selects the related products that belong to the same category or tag of the product you are viewing. Along with the related product, you can add the title and price for comparing and contrasting your product.

The plugin contains different additional options for displaying the related products such as displaying the product slider in the different position in your product detail page. Also, the plugin will let you show up to 50 products in your product slider. Moreover, you can also easily customize the slider templates for displaying an elegant product slider on your WordPress website.

Major Features of WooCommerce Related Products Slider

  • Option to Set the Title of your Related Products
  • Automatically Selects the Related Products based on same Category or Tag
  • Display the Slider in Different Position of your Product Page
  • Up to 50 Related Products can be Displayed in the Slider
  • Can Easily Customize the Slider Themes or Templates
  • Show Up to 6 Products at the Slider at a Glance
  • Full Control Over the Slide Speed
  • Enable/Disable the Auto Scrolling of your Product Slider


WooCasePro is a premium WordPress plugin to get your WooCommerce products showcased in different styles. Using the plugin, you can create product sliders and product carousels in a grid or masonry view. It consists of 30+ design variations that include 13 slider versions, and many masonry and grid view to showcase all your product in an eye-catching way.

WooCasePro is an advanced slider showcase plugin that contains lots of configuration and customization options. Moreover, the plugin comes with inbuilt shortcode generator to add your product slider in any page, post or even sidebar of your WordPress website.

Major Features of WooCasePro

  • 30+ Different Template Variation
  • 13 Different Slider Version Templates
  • 6 Unique Banner Style Slides
  • 12 Different Grid View Styles
  • 4 Sidebar Product Showcase Options
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Inbuilt Shortcode Generator

Wrapping Up

These are my handpicked collection of the WooCommerce Product Slider Extensions for WordPress website. They are picked according to their functionality, popularity and usability. So, if you can to showcase the products of your online shop in a beautiful slider then, you can use any of the above mentioned plugin at a reasonable price.

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