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[Resolved] WooCommerce Cart Widget Not Working Properly After Upgrade to WPML 3.4.0

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Assigned support staff: Shekhar Bhandari.

Until I upgraded to WPML 3.4.0 yesterday, when I added items to my cart, the WooCommerce Dropdown Cart widget that I have in the menu of my site accurately displayed the contents of the cart regardless of where I was on my site.

URL of (my) website where problem appears: hidden link

I expect to see the items in my cart accurately displayed regardless of where I am on the site, as I could before upgrading WPML yesterday.

Instead, I got: If you add something to the cart then go back to the top page of the site, the number of items in the cart is fine, but the dropdown shows an empty cart.

What’s worse, is that I have noticed the cart contents that I added in one browser session (say Safari) showing up in a different browser (Firefox or Chrome) so the cache software on my site is now caching the contents of this dropdown cart and showing them to other users. This only happens occasionally, but this is of course a big problem too.

Steps to duplicate the issue:

Visit my shop here, and add a few items to the shopping cart: hidden link

Then click on the logo in the top left corner to go to the top page. You’ll probably see the number of items that you added to the cart displayed in the cart icon on the far right of the menu, but when you hover over the cart icon, it will be empty.

If it’s not empty, make a note of the total amount shown, then click the cart button in the dropdown, and in the cart, change the number of one of the items from 1 to 2, then press the update cart button and note the new total for the cart contents.

Go back to the top page and check the cart totals. It’s probably out of sync, showing the old total.

BTW, I’m not sure where the WooCommerce Dropdown Cart widget comes from, but I think it’s part of my theme, Bridge, from Qode.

Note too that when I turn off caching (I use WP Rocket) everything works fine. I tried stopping the minification of the Dropdown Cart javascripts etc. and I could not get this to work with caching turned on.

Again, I’d like to stress that this all worked perfected, with caching, minification and concatenation turned on, until I updated WPML yesterday. I have of course cleared the cache a number of times as I tried to solve this, but nothing helps.

Any help or advice that you can provide is very much appreciated.

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