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Email triggers and events

Introduction to Triggers ↑ Back to top

Each Follow Up type is designed for a different function, and as such, each can be used for a specific purpose in your marketing plan. This section provides an outline of all the unique triggers that are available for each email and Twitter message type. Remember that some email types will only work only if an additional plugin is installed and activated, so you may not have access to all triggers or types.

Triggers for a particular email or tweet are listed in the “Follow-up” options below the content editor. These trigger are the basis for when your follow ups are sent.

Storewide triggers ↑ Back to top

The purpose of storewide triggers are to give you the ability to setup all-encompassing emails around very general aspects of your store.

With storewide triggers, you can always narrow down the specificity by choosing the triggers to be valid for:

  • All products
  • A specific category
  • A specific product

This ability to be specific about your emails allows you to create very custom and customer focused emails to ensure you are getting the right email to the right customer at the right time.

Woocommerce add to cart trigger

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WooCommerce mini cart event trigger [duplicate]

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Every time a product is added to the basket by ajax and the mini cart is refreshed I need to be able to run some jQuery. I can’t just simply create an even for add to cart because, I run some jQuery that checks if the mini cart has products inside it, but the add to cart even runs before the mini cart has added the products. This means that my if statement becomes false.

What can I do about this apart from creating a timeout in jQuery?

Here is the code I have modified from the current answers;

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