how to set shipping method in woocommerce

How to set up WooCommerce shipping method based on Postcode/Zip Code/Postal Code?

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping method WooCommerce Plugin is a great way to make the shipping charges functionality work as per your wants. With it, you can create advanced-level shipping methods so that the practical requirements of your online store could be fulfilled.

In this how-to guide, we are going to tell you that how the shipping methods can be created, based on the postcode, zip code or the postal code of your customers in WooCommerce.

The prerequisite of implementing these steps is that you have Advanced Flat Rate Shipping method WooCommerce Plugin, installed on your WordPress e-commerce store:

Part 1: Adding Method

Click on ‘Add New Shipping Method’

The shipping method configuration form will look like this:

Part 2: Adding Rules to a Method

To add a rule to a method, simply click on Add Rule. It will look like this:

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping methods allow you to add multiple rules by using this window. By using these rules, you can easily manage shipping charges as per the country, state, Postcode, and zone. A simple Woo Commerce method can’t manage these rules or have such functionality.

Case 1: Add shipping rules as per the specific country Zip code:

You can fix shipping charges for the deliverable items by using the Postcode for the specific country. The method for the same is very easy to use and highly valuable.

Choose a country and fill a postal code by creating two separate rules in the same method:

Case 2: Add shipping rules as per the multiple countries Zip code:

Sometimes the customer requirements arise in different countries. That’s why our advanced shipping method allows you to make rules by using the Zipcode of multiple countries.
By making the rules, you can easily handle shipping charges within the same country as well as in the different one.
Look at the below figure:

Case 3: Add shipping rules as per the multiple states Zip code.

Shipping rules may vary from state to state, within the same country. To meet the requirements of different customers, you must be able to apply rules as per the real-life needs of your store.
Please look at the figure to understand how to do it:

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