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Product Options for WooCommerce – Gutenberg Compatible WordPress Plugin

Do you need to add options like checkboxes, radio buttons, color pickers, image options, number options, dropdowns, datepickers, image uploads, text boxes and text areas to your products so that you can sell upgrades, sizes, extras, gift options, color choices, etc? That’s exactly what this plugin does.

Product options are much easier, more flexible and faster to use than variable products. Instead of generating thousands of variations, you can price the individual product options. To make adding product options to your products even faster, you can use product option groups to add options to multiple products at the same time. Product options have many features like accordions and tooltips that are not available for variations.

Why Buy Product Options for WooCommerce?


The features of the plugin include:

  • Add options to products
  • Add prices to options
  • Allow multiple attributes to be selected in the same option
  • Easy to Use
  • Drag & Drop
  • Use with or without prices
  • Show/hide prices
  • Compatible with variable products
  • Lots of Option Types:
  • Single or Multiple Select Image Options
  • Image Upload
  • Radio Options
  • Checkboxes
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Number Slider
  • Number with Buttons
  • Number as Text
  • Color picker
  • Single or Multiple Select Dropdowns
  • Datepicker/Calendar
  • Checkbox
  • Product Options have
    • titles
    • labels before the option
    • labels after the option
    • appear before or after the “add to cart” button
    • be accordioned
    • be required or not required
    • appear on search, shop and product category page
    • are saved in cookies so that when a customer returns to a page they can see the options they selected. The options can be reset after adding a product to the cart.
    • Checkout Option Groups:
      • Add checkout options on the checkout page.
      • Accordion groups of options
      • Display a box around option groups
      • Product Option Groups:
        • Adding options in groups makes editing your product option fast by adding the groups to:
          • all your products
          • products in different categories
          • or products that match a search query
          • Accordion groups of options
          • Display a box around option groups
          • Options chosen are visible in the cart, checkout, order confirmation and order pages.
          • Example Uses of Plugin

            Here are just a few of the ways this versatile plugin can be used:

            • Sell events and tickets using this plugin to add options like seat, date, booking fees, etc
            • Membership options when used with a compatible subscription plugin
            • Add extra delivery/shipping options and costs to orders
            • Brand options
            • Checkout fields
            • Dropshipping options
            • Delivery times and dates
            • Dynamic pricing
            • Custom product designing
            • Hotel booking
            • Bulk editing of product options
            • Add gift wrap options to products (with costs) as shown in the demo
            • Add image choices to printable products (with or without prices)
            • Add text to cards (with the possibility of charging per character + per upper case character + per lower case character + per word)
            • Add discounts to products and orders depending on customer options (option prices can be negative)
            • Confirm site terms and conditions on completing orders (a free checkbox option)
            • Charge less for bulk/wholesale orders (bundle rates)
            • Add extra charges/fees to orders
            • Add extra charges/fees to products

            Visual Composer

            If you would like to edit products and product options using Visual Composer, you should also buy Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On.

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